I’ve seen castles made of sand Met people who believe destiny is engraved in their hand

I’ve seen people change their faith Experienced love & seen love change into hate

I’ve seen people grow younger with age And a bird that didn’t fly out of an open cage

I’ve seen love sold for money People who were devastated inside Yet from outside they were funny

I’ve seen a unicorn fall in love with a toad People who owned half the city Who have now hit the road

I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected And know perfection doesn’t pre-exist Perfection comes to those Who know how to get it

Everyone cries Some just know how to hide their tears They say coal turns into a diamond Over a thousand years

It’s not always about Gold or Bullion For some you may be just another nobody For someone may believe That you are one in a billion __________________________

Telling someone to write about his own persona or about himself/ herself, is like telling students to correct their own examination papers.

I have a similar feeling while writing about me right now but would also like to tell that writing about oneself involves all this.

If I tell you everything in excruciating detail, I may appear to be bragging about myself. But I would like to tell you people that I am my biggest critic and hence I will make honest confessions about my true self.

I see myself as an ordinary boy with extra ordinary likes and interests. Whatever likes and dislikes I mention below are true and nothing is made up to impress people nor gals. smile emoticon I am what I am and I feel happy about all the qualities I possess.

So let us start… I see myself as kind to the needy and mean to the mean. I am shy to strangers initially but as I get to know more about people I get very attached to them. I love helping. And I love to make good friends.

I like sensible people with the right mix of Attitude, Sense of Humor, Responsibility, Kindness and Intelligence! I hate people who betray or do not remember what you have done for them. Mean people are a big turn off and people who are numb and cold towards others also repel me.

I am not afraid to say sorry or thank you. I like treating under privileged people nicely, and I like praising people for the good work done by them. Making friends laugh is again a very important day to day activity and helping them pic gadgets is also another thing I enjoy!

I am someone who loves to be with friends. I like to meet new people from all fields and jobs.

I am like small kid with curiosity for anything new to me. It helps me learn. I love to spend time with my cell phones, ipods, laptops, music systems, my workstation.

My friends call me Gadget Man! I love music and I really mean it. I have a vast collection of all kinds of stuff that’s related to entertainment.

I like computers and everything even remotely associated with it. Love to read novels and anything that interests me and that includes comics, science journals and papers, defence articles and other articles of current affairs.

Love travelling and sometimes like to cook too. Confession (Not that bad at cooking). Recently got this title of being a Blogger.

So the bottom line I know what I want My work keeps me busy, but I make time for travel, dining out. Music (very good taste), and anything new and interesting.